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Kindred Biosciences Inc.

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Burlingame, CA

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Our goal is to save lives and relieve suffering for the animals in our lives. We bring a determination and dedication to unite our expertise and research creativity in developing humane, effective, and safe therapies for our animal companions that people enjoy today.

We are veterinary therapeutics, redefined.

As one of the first pet biotech companies in the world, we understood early that to quickly deliver veterinary therapeutics in unmet and under served areas we needed a revolutionary approach. By leveraging the similarities between human and pet diseases, we are creating cutting edge versions of successful human drugs and biologics. Our belief is that this can substantially increase success rate and reduce time to market - increasing the quality of life for the pets with whom we share so much of our lives, providing the veterinary community with innovative treatment options, and, we anticipate, generating solid returns for our investors.


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