Create New Job Posting

Create New Job Posting

1. Every job position must have its own job posting.

2. However for large multi-state territories there is an option for you to chose up to three city locations within the territory which enhances you gathering good candidates. They no longer feed to job search engines with the demise of Simplyhired. In Indeed had blocked the special programming we had created to make each of these a separate ad on their site quite some time ago. They have become less and less friendly to niche sites such as AHJ over the years. We take your choices and place them in the body of the ad. Only the first city choice shows up in the job listings page. To enhance these choices it is best you list the states that are covered by the region. We also try and put some kind of geographical indicator following the job title name. In effect this draws more individuals to your job postings.

3. All job postings are manually reviewed for approval before going active. So we do watch closely to insure that the above instructions are followed. 

4. If you are only entering one job posting and have no prepaid jobs, simply proceed to next step to make your credit card charge. Make sure you also print out a copy of your payment receipt for your records.

5. All job seekers coming to AHJ must have some kind of background in Animal Health (Experience/Education) or a few categories from Human Health such as Pharmaceutical/Capital Equipment Sales, Regulatory Affairs, R&D or Senior Management. Otherwise they will be rejected to use our site. If this does not meet your needs you need to put direct contact information in the body of your job posting so anyone can apply.

Special Note: If there has been a change in your organization on who actually places job postings make sure you keep up to date the Personal Contact Information section. We must be able to contact you when we have a problem that needs addressed.