About Us

About Us

AnimalHealthJobs.com is a service of Brakke Consulting Inc., an international consulting firm headquartered in Dallas, TX.  Since 1986, Brakke Consulting has specialized in the animal health and nutrition industries.  The latest addition to those services is the AnimalHealthJobs.com website. Animal Health Jobs is now in its 8th year of operation and has become the first choice of many industry companies for our selective recruiting ability.

AnimalHealthJobs.com was created to exclusively serve the needs of companies and employees in the animal health and nutrition industries.  Other job boards can overwhelm the user with too many listings and resumes that are not specific to the animal health field. AnimalHealthJobs.com, however, lists only animal health positions and screens all jobseekers for relevant work experience.  This makes the whole process of matching the right jobseeker to the right position simple and efficient.  

AnimalHealthJobs.com has built a volume of steady traffic to its site so that it appears among the top search engines of today.  It's no wonder that we claim that AnimalHealthJobs.com is the premier website for the animal health industry professional. 


AnimalHealthJobs.com is designed to provide employers with qualified applicants.  Each applicant's resume is individually screened for experience that is relevant or useful to the animal health and nutrition industries. Also all job postings are screened to make sure they meet our posting requirements.  As expected for a web-based service, AnimalHealthJobs.com has a wide reach, but the fruits of that reach are concentrated into a stream of qualified applicants.  To learn more, click here.

Job Seekers

AnimalHealthJobs.com provides jobseekers with one central location for finding animal health positions. All resumes are screened for compatible background to insure our requirements are met for approval and use of our web site. The Jobseeker can either search the listed positions for desirable choices or post their resumes for employers to review.  An added feature is that resumes can be made public or kept private. To learn more, click here.